Sunday, May 15, 2016

Long Time, no Blog...

Dear Blog-
I've missed you. I think about you often, how close we used to be. How last year I couldn't wait to see you each week, to tell you all about my life and fill you in on my successes and failures. I mean, you listened when everyone else was sick of hearing about my marathon training, you understood me, and my incessant desire to blab constantly about running. You were my rock Blog. I don't know that I would have made it through last summer without you!

Artist rendering of me talking to pretty much everyone about marathon training
But as happens when people get busy, we tend to take for granted those who are always there for us. I have neglected you Blog, and I'm sorry. I can promise to be better, but we both know that I've promised that before, and we always end up back here...months away from my last meaningful communication with you...trying to put into words all the things I've been thinking about since we last met. So let's just agree to be honest about our relationship. I'm going to use you when it's convenient for me. I'm going to spill my guts to you one day, then ignore you for several days, weeks even, and you are going to be okay with it...because you need me Blog, more than I need you. I'm sorry it has to be this way, but that is all I can commit to right now.

I do have a lot to tell you about, so next week I'm going to start recapping my Half Ironman training with you (I'm already 8 weeks's a miracle I haven't been yapping non-stop about my daily workouts up to this point, I mean, you should already be sick of hearing about it). I have some product reviews to share with you, and of course my whole new career as a pacer to tell you goodness, that fact that I haven't been bragging to you about that is mind-boggling!

So, there you have it Blog, my half-hearted attempt at an apology for not being around much lately. I really have missed you, and I really do have intentions of being better about staying in touch. Thanks for being here for me...even if you have no choice ;)

Sincerely your sole mate,