Thursday, July 2, 2015

Breaking up is hard to do!

It's been almost two weeks since the marathon. Life is supposed to be back to normal. I'm not supposed to be obsessing about running, or training or nutrition. I'm not supposed to get excited anymore every time I hear someone say "Grandma", especially since whomever is saying it is referring to a dear loved one and not a race. But, I find myself telling and retelling the race story to anyone who will listen. Especially my poor co-workers, who nod and smile like it's some amazing news they haven't heard a billion times. I know that this was their mantra for so many weeks before the race, and they are wondering why it hasn't come to fruition!

I'm still thinking about it non-stop. It's like I'm desperately trying to get over a break up or something. Like I was dating Channing Tatum and he dumped me and now I have to go out with Jonah Hill just to keep myself entertained. I keep seeing reminders of how awesome it was, how much I loved being in "marathon mode", never mind that sometimes it made me miserable, I just want to keep going back! 

Like a 10K or a sprint triathlon, Jonah Hill may be fun, but you know you want a marathon man like Channing!
I mean, it's not like I don't have anything to look forward to, I have FOUR triathlons and at least three running races on my docket before winter arrives, I have plenty to keep me busy. In fact, in the two weeks since the marathon I've run four times, done a serious brick work out and had my first open water swim of the season. My legs have felt great, my black toenails have not fallen off, and every few days I manage to run into a hapless, unsuspecting person who I haven't told about the marathon I get to bask in telling my story to a new set of ears.

Therefore, it's decided. I am not going dwell on my break up any more. The marathon was amazing, it was my first, and you never forget your first :) But I have a steady stream of suitors lined up to keep things interesting. And who knows, maybe next year I'll get back together with Channing, I mean the marathon...a love like that doesn't go down without a fight!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Midweek Motivation: I think I can!

I have always loved this quote, but it has taken on a much greater meaning for me since I started running. I don't know how many times the "old me" thought "I can't run". Even the "new me" once thought "I can't run a marathon". The body achieves what the mind believes...don't ever doubt that. If you're unsure, start small, and build your "I cans" from'll be amazed at how quickly things that once seemed impossible are now within your reach!