Upcoming Races

2018 Race Schedule
  • April 14: Hot Chocolate 15K (pacing the 11:00/mile group)
  • April 21: Earth Day Half Marathon (pacing the 2:30 finish group)
  • May 6: Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon (pacing the 2:30 finish group)
  • May 20: Women Run the Cities 10-Mile (pacing the 11:00/mile group)
  • June 2: Lola's Lake Waconia Half Marathon (pacing the 3:00 finish group)
  • (Hopefully a few triathlons in June/July)
  • July 28: Lift Bridge 10-Mile (pacing the 11:00/mile group)
  • August 26: Superior Tri Half Ironman
  • October 6: TC 10-Mile (Lottery willing!)
  • October 21: Mankato Half Marathon
  • October 27: Halloween Half Marathon (pacing the 2:30 finish group)

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  1. Hi Linda!! Kari (Lavold) Ramstrom here! Blast from the past:) Love your blog. How did you become a pacer? Do you like it? Sounds like it would be fun! I run as well, did TC Marathon last fall, running Mpls Marthon in a few weeks. I think it would be fun to be a pacer. Would love to hear from you! Kari (feel free to email me at kariramstrom@comcast.net