Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Midweek Motivation: You Crazy!

Yesterday I read an article that made me laugh out loud. It was about how watching people compete in Ironman Wisconsin made the author get motivated to do some fairly mundane things (you can read it here). I think it struck a chord with me because I used to be him. I went to UMD for college and every year I would sit on the race course at Grandma's Marathon with a bunch of friends, drinking beer, cheering for the runners, and saying "Man, those people are crazy! But, I guess if they can run a marathon, I can probably do my laundry today".
Yesterday I was in the gym talking to one of our personal trainers. Anyone taking one look at this guy would think he is the most fit person on the planet....all ripply muscles, constantly holding a protein shake, doesn't own a shirt with sleeves, you know the type. We were talking about my half Ironman and all the running I did this summer (because...I'm a runner...what else would I talk about) and he says to me "You endurance athletes are crazy! I could never work out like that" Here is a guy who literally could be on the cover of a health magazine, admiring MY workout plan (plus, he called me an "endurance athlete"...bonus pride). It serves as a good reminder that no matter how "little" you think you do, no matter how "slow" you run, no matter that you "just" did a half marathon...someone out there thinks you are crazy because you are a runner. Someone else is looking at you in awe, being inspired by the fact that you have the courage to lace up your shoes and get out there and run! I've come a long way since my days of sitting on the side of Superior street, beer in hand, marveling at the marathoners, thinking they were super-human for voluntarily running 26.2 miles. So next time you think about how far you have to go in your training...just think about how far you've come and how many people out there wish they were crazy like you!

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